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Story Circle

Here is a picture of our story circle. Our group (circle) time is designed to give the children the opportunity for discussions, story telling, singing, music and movement, gross motor activities, co-operative games and most of all learning. Our staff carefully plans each group time to provide a balance of activities which pertain to the theme or unit we are focusing on. The children are encouraged to contribute and participate in all activities and are given the opportunity to share their feelings and experiences with one another.

Lunch Area

Here is a picture of our lunch area. Children are required to bring a lunch from home. We teach children about the importance of having nutritious food.


20151103_113656Nap Room

Our nap and quiet time is from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. each day. The children all have their own mats, sheets and blankets. They are welcome to bring special blankets from home anytime. Our nap room is dimly lit, but not dark and well-ventilated with lots of windows and a fan. There are always at least two staff members supervising throughout the nap time.