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     At the Whalley Day Care Ltd. we believe that self-esteem is the guiding foundation necessary for children to develop positively in all areas of growth; PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL, INTELLECTUAL, and CREATIVELY. Our primary goal is to encourage in a positive way the self-esteem of each child.

     The Centre follows a Montessori style curriculum. We concentrate on practical life skills, physical education, motor and social skills as well as academic skills.

     We believe that a caring and supportive atmosphere can create a warm and happy place for preschoolers to learn to love learning. Children develop and acquire skills on a very individual schedule. We will work from the level that each child has achieved, moving forward one step at a time.

     We believe in the learning theory that “children learn through play”. Nurturing skills developed from cuddling a doll, problem solving skills are achieved with the completion of a puzzle. Each activity offers many concepts to be learned. The environment is set up to encourage active participation and provide ample opportunity for each child to build new concepts about his/her world.

     Each child will be encouraged regardless of their sex, race or level of development, to reach his/her full potential.

     The Whalley Day Care Ltd. Staff have the experience and education to guide your children to their full potential. When the parents trust the caregiver with their children, a continuing partnership can be reached to help meet the needs of the child.